• ashish_anand 46w


    You will fly high while i hold your hands,
    You will love and shine,
    The world of dream is now true,
    I will walk with you to all glory and everything will be fine.

    There is something bad in all of us,
    If anything matters then it is how we make it lively and good.
    There are reasons to be like something,
    It could change if you are everything.

    My passion and dream is to keep you happy,
    Let the odds go out and love to come in,
    Open the door of you heart,
    And let me be the person whom you admired.

    You witnessed my love and care,
    Now it's time to change and make you aware,
    Love and care is not everything,
    It is all happiness apart from something,
    Happiness to grow, live, express and joy.

    It is what you call freedom,
    And for me it's a wisdom.
    I am there with all my faith and true,
    You will be happy and blessed
    With love, prosperity and no complaints due.