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    I know I have asked myself so many times
    Why you couldn't love me back
    I know I know you are not over the past
    But you are the right person for me
    Understanding, emphatic and a good human being
    You had warned me about you --
    That you are a tornado and I don't want to step in my life really but that didn't stopped me
    It was the first time in years that someone made me feel loved that made me a little secure
    I know I have asked you so many times why you couldn't just love me back
    You said and I qoute it was never you there is just something wrong in me I always fall for the wrong one I had Fall in love with you If I just knew how to

    I know that I probably will be a heartbreak in your story but in mine you will be someone who taught me how to love myself beyond all the flaws
    I know we can't go back to how we really were before I told you all this
    you and I both started distancing ourselves from each otherBut I understand.

    From - who wished you will love me back❤️

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    To The One Who Couldn't Love Me Back..


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    Veewrites x Ishita Kumar