• simon_rock_pujari 74w

    They will fuck you up badly
    They will rape you
    They will strangle you on a broad daylight,
    forcing you to march naked in the middle of the street
    and there people will mockingly laugh at you -
    unaware - of whose reflection that they are actually laughing at

    They will fill your head with all the filthy things that they have ever created
    They will make you listen to obscene abusive words & curses
    They will make you speak - not what you want to say but rather 'what they want to hear'

    they will force-feed you dirty promises & oaths full of treachery
    they will drain your humane blood & flush sewage water inside your veins

    they will butcher your opinions
    they will deform your mentality so bad that - it won't be able to regain it's natural humane shape, ever!
    They will make you a part of genocidal masses
    Destined to kill humanity brutally
    in the name of
    "the father, son & the holy spirit"
    in the name of
    "allahu akbar"
    in the name of
    "jai shree ram"

    As if the higher power
    The ultimate creator in whose hands the whole universe lies - needs their protection,
    in front of whom they are not even a minute grain of salt

    In the name of saving their religion
    they are spreading their vicious faith across the continents
    by holy scripts written & engraved with the ink of blood

    killing lively people for their lifeless figurines & idols - death of humanity

    In the name of holywar
    They will bring out their swords & guns
    Their brahma-ashtra, nuclear power & atom bombs
    composed with poisonous conspiracy of
    Hatred and religion
    and myriad other weapons
    to kill humanity and save their faith

    For a thousand years, they have killed themselves for their faith
    For a thousand years they have placed their faith above humanity

    "So shall it be written, so shall it be done"

    - Simon bhusal