• dark_shadezs 35w

    Life is like a box of chocolates
    Just a mystery
    Never thought I'd love a girl
    More than I loved my family

    I put her before everything
    And now my soul's bankrupt
    I got her everything she wanted
    But it still wasn't enough

    I tried so hard to get this girl
    But nothing seemed to work
    It's like no matter what I did
    That I could never quench her thirst

    I don't know how she got so close
    I don't know where it started
    I don't know why I tried so hard
    Whether she never tried her hardest?

    So many questions left un answered
    Will I ever find out why
    Was what I really felt true love
    Or was it all a lie?

    She told me that she loved me
    And almost every night
    I should have know to think it over
    When she hoed for other guys

    I fell in love with hoe
    And this for no apparent reason
    She hurt me now I'm hoping karma
    Comes around just like the seasons

    Everything I believed is it true?
    My whole world did a barrel roll
    Now I'm wondering what is true
    And if it ever will be told

    This world is really cruel
    It's so deceiving and it's cold
    This is coming from experience
    Don't trust all that your told.

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