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    Short story..

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    She tried to move with ease as she passed by from where he was seated. Her being relentlessly ached for his presence yet, felt queasy everytime he is around. The way he followed his gaze towards her is painfully unnoticeable by her. The warmth of his breath exudes in the air making it thinner and letting her breath harder. They exchanged smile as he rose from where he was seated, his eyes gleaming with inexplicable desire to hold her yet he hesitated and slightly brushed his arm to her. They both froze at the shock they felt, the tingling sensation that made her weak, he felt numb. They were both breathing heavily as they locked eyes for a second then she nudged him and broke the spell.

    Want some coffee? She asked and turned her back at him as stride towards the kitchen while composing herself. He was standing while staring at her. "Want a sweet coffee?" She asked again. Uhmm.. no i want it black no sugar he said with crackling voice and fished out his cigarettes on his pocket and went to the door for a smoke.