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    Oh, these fake people round me all the time. These people whom I considered as my strength are now my greatest weakness one can ever have. The worst part, I'm attached to them. Just like, any file's attached while composing a mail. Without which the mail is meaningless. Damn! That was way too lame These useless people I considered useful, thought will be helpful while in need are the ones who talks about me behind my back. The earth's laughing at me for falling for those useless creatures and not for the real people who've been good with me all the time. But, as people say, the bad one's always have the attraction. And, the weak one's get attracted. Beware of such people if you got some. Being pure is better than being with impure.
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    Fake people have fake people around them side-by-side and those fake people love fake people which spreads the love which is not real but fake.
    Ever trapped around in world full of fake people?
    I'm alone being different, being pure.