• lunarwolf 11w

    The Flower Of The Sun

    Long ago there was a flower
    whom radiated like the rays of the sun
    it would even face and follow the sun
    through the elements it persevered the darkness
    but it wouldn't bloom from a certain lack of ingredient
    yet for those who had observed it knew
    that it was beautiful even when not bloomed
    but as the coming season arrived
    something different about it arised
    it tingled with an unknown energy
    within the season of spring
    maybe the sun was at its most gentle
    or maybe it was just the flower's preference
    but on one special day the sun came down and kissed it
    the sun admired it from afar
    but that day spring gave it the courage to express his love for it
    at this gesture the flower opened up as it blushed
    giving the sun and everyone around to see its true face
    its beauty was immaculate
    its traits was like that of the sun itself
    some say til this day it gives off a spring like warmth
    so it became known as the flower of the sun

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #wod #myth

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    The Flower Of The Sun

    Its beauty radiates warmth in the hearts of those who see it