• ursanonymous_ 7w


    So, isn't it strange we meet strangers
    We talk , laugh , cry and become partners .

    We don't need to thank each other ,
    Cause with you worries are as light as feather.

    It's just a boring journey we know ,
    But with those precious gems like you,
    Life is always ready to glow .

    Sometimes life's too cruel to be biased,
    But it's not aware of the people who are flyest .

    When others broke us , we healed ,
    We are like pain killers or shields.

    Though life's not completely wrong ,
    But we know we both are strong .❣️

    I wish we could have met earlier ,
    For you are the epitome of hope for when I am despair .

    But with the glorious passing time,
    We became each other rhymes .☺️

    We face the complexity togther ,
    And even knock down the morons who dare to bother.

    You remember the white lies I told you ?
    And the intention was just to protect you .

    Feeling lucky to have you ,
    Cause friends are many but soul mates are few !

    We just love the way we are ,
    And we promise to keep this bond in near or far !

    (And yes we will be there for each other till the end of the journey being the same u and me )

    :-The shape of the voice ✨