• sayuriii 37w

    I was hungry,
    I tread past the city lights
    and stepped on many a pavement,
    no pity, no empathy, in the eyes of passersby,
    I stared at my reflection on the glass windows,
    I saw more of a smeared skeleton,
    waiting to be fed so desperately,
    I ran back again,
    into this dark, dark place,
    in these warm summer sands,
    I seeked solace.

    I'm hungry again,
    I don't know if I'm rather tired,
    the city lights look dimmed today,
    the passersby, more ignorant.
    I didn't step on pavements,
    I strolled through the trashcan lane,
    nibbled on some rotten fish,
    and retired back to the warm sands.
    Oh! My eyes are teary,
    my mother taught me not to weep,
    there's still sympathy,
    lying in some heart's core deep.

    Today is another day,
    on these warm summer sands,
    the warmth a little uncanny,
    to the cold embracing my bones.
    The city is darker than ever today,
    the passersby are staying home,
    it's another human sunday,
    I may return empty stomached again.
    My heart is slow,
    I can feel it halting.
    I can see a beautiful sunset,
    and I can see my soul melting.

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