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    Sumit stood straight in front of the girl with his eyes wet and heart heavy. He wanted to shout and scream but words failed him. Gathering the courage yet looking down he spoke his heart out.
    " Yes. Its the mutual respect that is important in any relationship than the love. What you did today can never be done by anyone else, You are the strongest woman i have met who redefined friendship today. I want to be your best friend always......" He paused for a moment and continued. " I always thought Love, commitments makes one happy. But you proved me wrong. 'I love you' is Very nice i knew...but, 'Have you reached home safely? Are you ok now?' worth more than 'I love you'.
    Our foundation for this beautiful relationship has been CARE and the Ship of our friendliness should never sink. For the first time, i felt huge Respect incident on me and I want to reflect it back. You taught me that there is something beyond Love...beyond Care...beyond attachments...Its Respect!
    A simple act of standing for our togetherness through a thread of mutual respect and care, you clarified my feelings against which i was fighting. I will be there for you, because you are there for me too!" He paused.

    His eyes told the truth. He was more than just happy. He was neither compromising nor was sad. Not that he stopped loving her...but the repect for her crossed his love. He loved that bond they shared and respected how they were.

    'You could have said the feelings you felt for her...she would have accepted you for sure' said one of Sumit's friend to Sumit.
    'May be she would have. But, i would have lost my best friend to get her as a lover. I don't want the respect to be converted to love. I will anyways love her as a friend and respect this bond forever...because, Even Endings are beautiful too" Sumith paused.

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