• ferian 50w

    Kashmir (our mutilated motherland)

    In the heart of humongous mountains breathed humanity,
    Where a mother embraced her child in serendipity.
    Where the florets flowered in felicity,
    Whose essence enraptured in ecstasy.
    Where the lads lived in integrity,
    Where the creatures creaked with credibility.
    Ah! the detrimental destiny...
    Soon emerge the clouds of calamity,
    Bringing ruinous rains ruthlessly.
    Now, the barbarians hunt with brutality;
    the little children and their dexterity.
    Now the snowdrop scribbled with severity;
    the traitors build up tyranny.
    Now the crows caw in captivity
    and the bees wane in vanity...

    But after every dark night lies luminosity
    The opressor will pay pay for every owing atrocity