• nbtasnim 54w

    Y. A. C. B. - 2

    I'm not her replacement,
    I'm not her
    You have to find
    The differences between us.
    Please stop finding
    The similarities of me and her.
    Everyone is different from each other.
    We are different from each other.
    Please don't compare us
    Or say I'm doing something
    Like she had done before me.
    I know you love her.
    I know you still love her.
    But stop seeing her shadow
    In everyone, please.
    Because she is her own unique being.
    Only she herself is responsible
    For her own actions.
    I can't take the blame for her.
    I can't take the blame
    Of her actions
    Towards you, towards anyone.
    So stop comparing everyone with her.
    We are not her.
    No one is her.
    Just move on.
    You say she played you.
    But you are the one
    Who's letting her be successful.
    To take revenge on her
    Or to prove she doesn't matter to you,
    Stop letting her interfere
    In your life.
    Just move on in life,
    As if she doesn't matter,
    As if she never mattered.
    Treat her like a stranger.
    Forgive and forget.
    Move on Yes-fee.
    You deserve better.
    You will find someone better.
    Just give it a try