• oyashvi 85w

    I wander lonely in the crowd,
    The sad ,the cynic ,the fallen,
    I scream, I yell, I cry ,
    Vale of sin and ceaseless desire,
    I just can't handle it anymore,
    The pain, the tears, the scars ,
    I am fading away in the dark,
    Felling nervous, depressed and crying,
    Who has no strength for the strife,
    Fading away to nothing,
    I asked God : why why why?
    Is it worth the struggle,
    Or should I die?
    I am one lonely voice,
    Will I be read or heard ,
    Or lost among the herd,
    Within the fragments of this uncertainty,
    Shall I layin my grave ?
    But then I am quickly but gently chided by Holy spirit inside,
    Reminds me to simply abide,
    For we get life once in a while.