• knives_and_pens 202w

    Turning my eyes out through the window, i witnessed two birds pouring out love to each other on a branch in the limelight of the full moon.
    This exquisite scene reminded me of those days when we used to hide from the world in one corner and stained our souls with those uncountable shades of our love .
    When each morning gave a hope of cherishing your smile that pierced through the sun rays and became my favourite distraction.
    The days when everything was like a bed time fairytale and we stole heart melting memories that we will cherish from the foggy future.
    The time when pens became paint brushes and painted masterpieces for each other, shading in thousands of colours of untold emotions.
    Suddenly a whisper of wind tickled my ears and i woke up and found myself lying like a sloth on the table.
    Rubbed my eyes and saw clear white pages scattered all over under me and the pen was trying to camouflage itself under those untold stories that were meant to be inked on those lifeless pages.
    Rolled out of the window again and saw the birds were gone.
    The moon already wore the black cloak of the calm night sky that were studded with a handful of glittering stars.
    My dreams lingered at the point where the horizon meets the rooftops.
    Stroking my head i realized insomnia took a great toll on me and i recalled some days that had already got lost with that wide smile that used to adore my lips.
    Turning my face away from the strange stillness outside , i threw myself on the bed thinking that some stories look good being captivated in the prison of my heart rather than stained with blue in those pages that will become a dust of nostalgia.