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    I was watching this comics based show called doom patrol and in it is a character called negative man (his name is Larry Trainor) who was a pilot. He was in an accident that burnt his whole body; he was flying a spacecraft when he collided with an entity in the other atmosphere and crashed to earth. What's special about him is that he is bounded with this entity but unlike what you would think, it doesn't seem to be whole without him anymore and him without it; it becomes his spirit. Larry is a man troubled by his pass and we see all of his memories unfold in dreamlike projection in his mind. The spirit pushes these memories, memories that Larry suppressed due to the pain they bring, to confront truths about himself so that it would bring peace to the both of them.
    It was such an interesting thing to behold and I was reminded of Carl Jung's human psyche. The self is an archetype that combines our consciousness and unconsciousness, it needs to be in harmony, and if not then the problem has to be addressed by the person to resolve the distress felt.

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    Questions for us

    Can we, beings, every master ourselves
    Is appeasement of the spirit perpetual
    Will knowing the self be that important