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    This I guess should be my last phase of edition. I pray GOD that this phase should prove as the last phase of my social media account because it is becoming tough to understand things that is beyond our reach and to make them a reality. Throughout my life I studied on various aspects and subjects, till now nothing fascinated the most as THIS TOPIC OF MESSIAH. It is immaterial each one has a savior in his/her life but my concept is unique because THE MESSIAH I TALK ABOUT OR DREAM TO REALISE IS BECOMING MORE OF A FASCINATING NIGHTMARE FANTASY ROBED IN THE WARP OF REALITY. It is becoming hard to balance the life of fantasy and reality together because both are different in their own aspects. WITHOUT FANTASY LIFE IS BORING AND LIVING IN REALITY IS SO BORING. Fantasy is adventurous and filled with lots of thrill but reality is mechanical and has the same routine with a twist occasionally. PEOPLE WHO ARE ADVENTUROUS ARE READY TO FACE ANYTHING BUT PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN REALITY FEAR TO FACE SUDDEN TWISTS AND SOMETIMES UNABLE TO COPE WITH THE SITUATION GIVE UP THEIR LIVES. It is not my opinion but I believe a fact which I see in many. People who are adventurous take each things sportive and keep going on but people who try to calculate things on reality settle on some standard rules which won't change for their rest of their lives.