• tinamunang 70w

    Nothing Written,Yet Something Written

    I want to write
    But I have no words.

    I have the words
    But I don't want to write.

    The emotions fueling the poetic fire
    Stand at akimbo before my eyes
    The sentiments sparking the poem
    Illuminate and burn my soul like embers in the dark
    Yet I withhold myself from the urge to write
    And quench their longing to be expressed.

    I impede the motion of my fingers
    And kidnap myself from this intense desire
    Lingering in my poetic troposphere.

    Depriving my thoughts of kinetic energy
    I shut them behind bars of steel
    And subject them to potential energy.

    No cord, no tension
    No motion, no collision
    No sliding friction, only static friction.

    The earth's gravitational force
    Becomes my servant on duty
    Keeping them down on the ground
    Incase they attempt to escape its pull
    In a futile struggle

    My beloved thoughts,
    Incarcerated they are
    Free they aren't

    No words
    No verses
    No stanzas

    Nothing written
    Yet, something written