• foreverseptember 18w

    Miss You (Eternally Broken)

    I miss every aspect,
    Every story and shade,
    Every single moment,
    That we ever made,
    This goodbye was certain,
    But certainly so cruel,
    From a child, uncertain,
    I put my trust in you,
    You would never let me down,
    I never got a chance to say,
    How much you meant to me,
    Before you went away,
    If forever was a distant song,
    I'd learn to play it loud,
    If it meant I could reach you,
    On some imaginary cloud,
    Harps, and wings are symbols of,
    How soon we lose our time,
    But some of us won't let go,
    Of the most illusive signs,
    Maybe on some turn of chance,
    I'll find a life, again,
    But even then I'll miss you more,
    Than a flower misses rain.