• mokshaa18 33w

    She took it as a personal defeat,
    Losing the relation that sustained many storms
    And was nurtured with love for so long...

    Only to discover, that any effort of ego
    Bends and breaks and is destroyed
    Despite the goodwork that has gone in.

    So, it was not to question her worth,
    Or deprive her of what she thought she deserved,
    But to purge her further and bring her more
    Close to her Divine purpose...

    And he too must have faced a defeat
    Of personal efforts to be good and considerate,
    But what is born of ego has to die...

    However, the good news is that,
    What is pure is valued by God.
    Nature takes its stock.

    The passionate journey ending in
    Nothingness has taught,
    Them to be more of themselves,

    Being good, true and right
    Just for the sake of it...
    And not for ceremonious pleasing.

    Owning up self with dignity and belief,
    Without getting swayed with what
    Others have to say or to judge.

    Lessons umpteen, they must have learnt.
    Life is a school that qualifies you
    Through several internal tests...