• anusri19 44w


    It's a question that pisses me off.
    It's a question I find very hard to answer.yet I answer it to people who I know that they actually don't care about this.I answer them with a big smile on my face that yeah! I'm doing good when I actually don't mean it and trust me its very hard to have a smile on your face when you are not happy.
    Damn its terrible here and the fun fact is that when you decide to discuss this to people around you you receive a very disgusting rype of response that " you are lazy and all of this is just a drama to get rid of your responsibilities and also to get attention " Or " You are too young to feel this way there's nothing to worry about just take rest,sleep." I mean how can a person take rest when there's so much going in his/her head.And bro trust me I can give you many other excuses to get rid of responsibility that are way better than this.
    I know I am not ohk and i really need time.If you can't help please don't make it worse for me.