• tat444 91w


    "I can't come in today
    I think I've caught a bug
    I know I need the pay
    Right now I don't give a fuck
    Because today I'm just so tired of myself
    (I just want to dwell)
    I'm thinking slowly
    I can feel my only way out
    Is through my restraints now
    I wish I had another way
    (I wish I had another way)
    I've been drinking
    And maybe it's not such a good thing

    I'm not good
    God, just give me some release
    God, just give me something please
    'Cause I'm drunk and on my knees
    I'm not good
    I'm naked, misunderstood
    I know
    And I can't, I can't let it go

    I broke from my god
    I covered myself in dirt
    I can't get stuff done
    I'm feeling the dread
    I'm smoking too much
    I'm staying in bed
    I've let those demons back in my head
    I need to find a balance
    Before I lose myself again"

    -Dream State