• vatsal_ 47w

    Walking down the street
    Stars are falling down
    People are running
    Fire being thrown around
    Chaos in every breath
    Death lullaby sang by sea
    End of the world
    Or the judgement day
    Justified or evil deed
    Priests are murmuring their prayers
    While poor are screaming at their kings to give them shelter
    While atheists and their faith crisis
    Rain of light reaches the earth at the dawn
    Evil or good, rich or poor,
    Old or new, urban or rural
    Vanishes into the sight
    Silent echoes and nothingness perishes
    When cries of a little soul arise
    All left the end is a beginning
    Beginning of a tragedy
    Cause blessed the earth
    Where we don’t reside
    And wicked is the fate
    Which burned the veil of fear