• happy__me 113w

    Endings are beautiful too

    "Chappedd" a huge slap; The sound was soo intense that everyone was shocked and they stood still. The girl after the slap looked like an angry woman while she took the rose and threw it away so it could never rise again. Sumit couldn't believe what just happened there. Sumit's friend was beaten in front of everyone.
    The girl continued. "The love whose intention is to hurt Someone else is never a love. You wanted to see Sumit suffer, you wanted him to know 'your' value through me. Iam a girl and not a bridge for you to pass and never see back. iam a girl and don't you dare play with my emotions.Is it really the friendship that made you do this? No. Its not. Friends don't enter to change your life. They enter to make your life better. Friends never manipulate. They kick your ass but tell you whats right. They maynot stand with you while u laugh..but they do stand when everyone leaves. Don't play friendship for your cheap means. Sumit never left you, because you guys never made him feel special for which he could have stayed. Sumith is close to my heart and i won't let anyone harm him. Its ok if you don't love friends but Respect them. Because, Gaining respect takes more time than gaining love. Your rose coun't rise even the smallest of emotions in me while his fake smile through out the party told the untold emotions he felt for me. He is happy because of me.If you can't see him happy, just leave. Get the hell out" she paused.
    Lost completely in the situation, Sumit felt tears all over his eyes again and he hugged her immidiately while he saw his friend storming away.

    Now it was his time to end something which never started, to which he wished would last long. He was ready for something no one saw coming.