• thewake 193w

    No fear of heights
    I've always dreamt of being in the stars
    Watching them on clear nights
    Take the chance
    Even if it could be the death of me
    Looks like a hell of an adventure
    Oh what could it be
    Staring straight up the cliff
    Heart rate up and breathing faster
    No time to bleed
    Gripping each crevice
    One wrong move could be disaster
    Higher and higher from the ground
    Don't look down
    Fatigue sets in
    And I'm nearly to the end
    Now climbing ever higher
    Muscles burning like fire
    Looking at what's behind me
    The stakes could not be higher
    Reaching up and the rock breaks loose
    Wow that was close
    Adrenaline spikes and nostrils flair
    A couple more feet I'm almost there
    Pull myself up
    Standing on the edge of the cliff face
    Staring over the horizon in to the cold blue
    My soul is at peace.