• vangelis 16w


    There is a transparent ocean inside your eyes
    where seahorse, discus and dolphins live
    and corals sparkle in glee with the jovial sky
    to welcome the kites of dreams from the shore.

    I once had that ocean in my gleaming eyes too
    But one day a sorrow ship set sail to the north
    Days passed and ships went, one after the other
    till the far cry of the dolphins faded away .

    The ocean of your eyes harbour a diverse world
    that the breeze of time can overturn in a go.
    Let the sparkle in your eyes remain as a souvenir
    for the departing ship of life called senescence.


    ��(These words of mine address a duality. A person is growing old, all the sparkle in his eyes disappear. On the other hand, our beautiful oceans which harbour diversity are under the threat of depletion. Hope you like it. It's a sudden work)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #start #wod #lostchildhood

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