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    Her name is Veronica.
    And for a change, Veronica decides not to die today.
    She is so comfortable in her skin that she has been wearing from the time she was a tiny splot in her Mother's womb. Her mother calls her beautiful. Her father too. And so does her friends, her lover and her ex neighbour's girl friend's aunt!
    She believes it as much as she believes that her family, her friends and all the people from her homeland are just as beautiful as she is.
    So, whatever glint of dark that you see with those malevolent eyes does not make her or her kin any less than you. In a world that is damaged and curropt, man kills in the name of race, color, gender and religion. These fickle minded mad goons need to get the poison sucked out of their systems and realize that have no right whatsoever to abuse, or even have inhumane thoughts about a person based on their skin. Because hey; God is not color blind and he chose each of us to be a shade from his million shaded golden pallete.
    So here's to Veronica who is BROWN AND BEAUTIFUL.
    #antiracist #justice #brownisbeautiful #madmadworld #allcolorsarebeautiful @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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