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    My sophistication comes undone
    When you pass in haste by me
    I drown myself in imaginations
    Of all loveliness I couldn't foresee
    Like frost in the eyes of a dead man
    Light enters my head and never leaves
    It's too cold out around my burning home
    I've heard no birds lately sing upon trees
    Skies have held clouds like I hold you
    Free to move, free to rise
    Free to be, free to rain
    Yet so close are clouds to the sky
    That some say they'll never die
    I think they're parts of something whole
    Something that's not a body but soul
    They're so much of one another
    More alike than birds of the same feather
    They breathe life into one another
    Both make the other better

    I climb a wall and look around
    If I can find you beyond the curve
    Like a sun you'll rise in my life
    And to you I'll open my arms and run
    Suns set and stars shine
    Curve becomes a dark line
    I await your eyes in distance
    I see them again and I'm fine
    Everytime I meet you I feel like
    I'm meeting you for the first time
    My words get lost into one other
    My verses lose their sense of rhyme
    I stitch my heart to a paper plane
    Yeet it away from the topmost hill
    It falls down endlessly to the ground
    And I feel it's flying to your ������
    In bleak of dawn and silence of dusk
    I crave to find you like a needle in husk
    It's so much a world full of contradictions
    So I place my spirits in your reflections
    I see you smiling through the screen
    I kiss it as one might kiss a dream

    I've not come to you with words today
    They've all been yours ever since
    Today I've come with feelings
    Only of which are most intense
    I've loved you like my favourite book
    The one that forever stayed in my heart
    For all its beauty and its flaws
    I've loved its twists from the start
    I don't wanna end this poem
    But words ain't what I've come up with
    Lemme leave you with just feelings
    In strings of which I mend and stitch

    My broken parts somehow work together
    When you tie them up with your smile

    - Zaid Khan

    @zer_e_aab ❤️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @daunting_phoenix

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    A poem so beautiful that she can only be sung
    In voices and in words she shines forever