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    To be honest, we loved the name MIRAKEE��❤️. It was inspired from a Greek word, Meraki used to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or passion.
    But the realisation that the word Meraki has a broader interpretation and can be used to describe cooking or preparing a meal, arranging a room, choosing decorations, setting an elegant table or even purchasing the perfect gift for your best friend, made us rethink.

    Therefore, the name MIRAQUILL was coined to better reflect our focus on the appeal of written matter as this app was designed with the writers and readers in mind to bring more attention and visibility to words. A quill is a writing tool made from a bird's feather used in the past as a primary method of written communication. So adding quill as a suffix makes it more compatible with our objectives and aspirations.

    Although we will always be MIRAKEE in our hearts, we are very excited about our new name Miraquill because it is more in line with our vision- a global interactive platform for a truly creative community of writers and readers.

    Tell us in the comments how you feel about Miraquill!

    Along with this name change we have offered you an exciting library of unlimited photographs brought to you by Unsplash. You can update your app and search for photos.

    However, with this new addition, we have removed the upload image option from the app. This step has been taken to ensure that creators are credited for their artwork. We also want to make sure that photos with nudity, violent imagery, screenshots are not allowed on the platform. We expect writers to respect the original work of photographers and the guidelines of the community. If you would like to upload your image to the library of photos permitted on the app, we can guide you with the process. Please write to us at team@mirakee.com.

    We hope you like the new update.

    Lots of love! ❤️

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    Hello 'Miraquill' family!

    Yes! We are now called Miraquill.
    Also, we've integrated a library of unlimited photographs in the app for you to create beautiful art. Read the letter from the team in the caption.