• ashleywords 36w

    The trees in their loveliest green
    mumbles in my ear
    Spring is here to lure,
    sprinkling life across the horizon
    in breathtaking hues.

    I see the buds sprouting
    in the maiden's bosom
    and the zephyrs fondling the blooms
    as the sunlight soak the souls.
    and onto the forest floor
    I see a myriad glints like gold
    filling the nature with
    essence where could bloom
    a thousand love.

    I see the wishbones healing
    under the green shades
    where I keenly let out my wish
    in the yearn of etching
    the spring aura to my ceramic heart.

    I see the pansies growing in
    to unfurl its beauty,
    to my heart
    that has been a house of stone.

    I see my locks making love
    to the incense kissed wind
    and play with the daffodils
    as I walk down the summer rill
    running aligned
    but never meeting
    the golden water meadows.
    I see their forever love
    knowing the rill shall
    one day gush down the sea.

    I see the zinnias and vincas
    dandling upon the lines of natura
    and willows bending right at our feets
    as if telling us
    that life runs on our fingertips.

    I adore in length the beauty
    of the minute waves
    as they hits the summer shores
    the sounds of which echoes
    to the heart of the sylvan shades
    where to dawn a chiliad tales of springs
    sprayed the barren hearts with
    hopes and promises.

    I see ivies crawling in, uninvited
    has its own charms
    bringing heavens to earth.

    I see the days grow long
    at the sight of the spring vision
    benumbing the psychic faculties
    as it attains 'Nirvana'
    in all its glory
    leaving trails of a new life
    walking past the livings.

    I see the birds nesting up
    on newly green adorned trees
    warbling happy notes
    lulling the blossoms to slumber.

    I go rambling around
    the panoramic spread out
    to glimpse the snows unclading the hill tops
    and with the first blooms of the snowdrops
    I watch the sun retire for the day
    into a pink and purple sky.

    The Spring in a verdant dress
    with her floral frills
    caressing the bed of trefoils,
    with last of the golden rays turn into stardust
    magically altering
    the things of ordinary existence.

    Else where the primroses
    the first of the spring flowers
    wrapped in twilight
    unfolding the silvers into the ambience,
    an incandescent glow
    it casts upon the valleys and plains.

    The beauty of which to be taken back
    till the next Spring grace the land
    with a heart filled in redolence
    and occults from the woods
    and a soul imprinted in colours
    as vibrant as the butterflies
    I return, cheery and contented.


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