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    I don't/never take much time(not even more than 1 hour.) to write something because the deep i think I can't frame them in words properly.
    Thought to post something ,so i dragged it in some minutes before posting

    Just a very random. You can skip.
    Finally 50th post.

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    I don't believe in soulmates but POETRY and SHE.

    She is indulge in poetry and poetry embraces
    her and achieves the unfinished goal.
    There is poetry in the rays of her morning sun, and in the evening, along with the stars,
    there is poetry in the moon too.
    There is poetry in her immense sorrow
    and poetry in the echo of her laughter.
    As if she is the breath of poetry, and
    her breath is poetry.
    For the sake of poetry she lives in poetry.
    From the petals of her lotus to the grains
    of sand, there is poetry.
    From her beating heart to the lifeless
    pages, only poetry remains camped.
    Poetry is her love and love is poetry for her.
    Poetry is for her a constant inspiration, of the eternal.
    Poetry does not perish, but changes the
    spirit and emotions with the introduction
    of new words and new authors.
    Poetry does not become lifeless,
    but poetry gives new life to the broken people.
    Poetry is not just a means of expressing
    feelings by embellishing them,
    but poetry is our companion who is ready
    to walk with us for life.
    The end of the universe is possible,
    but not poetry.
    If poetry and love are weighed in the scales,
    then poetry itself will always have the upper hand, because poetry contains more
    emotion than love.

    "Her poetries have wings to fly and reach his heart."