• lunaticsilvers 28w

    if we were to personify,
    I'd call nature a teen
    with anger issues.
    for someone as such,
    I wouldn't bother
    her in my poems and
    I've a disdain feeling
    towards her being
    but that-
    that's the end of my being
    inside out. because
    when she breathes,
    that's the awakening
    for us all.

    as I look for beauty in nature
    I see a dispassionate teen,
    beautiful in all the chaos
    imploding from within,
    shining at calmest presence,
    self reliant and insecure.
    mostly insecure.

    she wears a grey sky,
    weeps 'til clouds
    run dry and turn pale,
    frowns and snorts.
    her anguish,
    wild but ravishing
    as a lightning shudders
    onto the earth
    and everything in her
    arms brawls in discomfort;
    rivers goes off bonkers,
    mountains shrugs a little,
    and land lies lazy
    in a giddy mood.


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