• waltecko 56w


    Down the drying stream,
    rippling the fallen leaves,
    cool ambience along the stream
    feeling nature of love.you

    Drizzles overhead curling the,
    Long natural hair,
    With a tickle in the weakpoint,
    Making you feeble I being the kingpost.

    With the eagle eye,
    Aiming on the epicenter of love ,
    Taking the moment, under the ,
    Soft palm wiping off the droplets of love out the face.

    Drenched in your love Nora with,
    Natural way of looking,
    Outfits tightly aligned over the slim tender body,took a step higher to warm your lips.

    Deep breath under closed eyes,
    Making ears clinched to high,
    Attention getting the whispers of "Nakhusima"
    From the ♥,carried away to fantasy universe.