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    When sunflower fall off my eyes soaking all the warmth of my glee I stand still caressing the fall in my eyes , tears of crushed daydreams cascaded down deluging the fences of serenity

    I smiled like that abandoned flower When the protagonist of my romantic novel left the pages of my life staining the priors with his sweet picturesque memories . When tranquility took steps towards the abyss of miseries i lost the bookmarker of my giggles somewhere in between the dusted pages of my fantasies.I stood still accepting the scribbles of destiny on my palms hiding myriad of afflictions in each line .

    I tried to demolish the souvenir of our love but the dust of past covered the distance of years to meet the tears of my eyes. I ran away from those nightmares to shelter under the canopy of present. I failed in the race of life when noceur nights ghosted my existence.