• charlesyome 60w

    A student's voice

    Yes, we do complain a lot, but it doesn't matter, we don't expect the load to get any lighter, we are compelled to do our work.

    Yes, we do endure stress and feelings, we do have a life, and yes, we breathe too, we exist.

    Yes, we know that, our elders endured more hardships, in the past just to get educated, but hey times changed, physical stress is less, but mental stress is on a diffrent level.

    Yes, we do have a limit of our own, not saying we won't do our work, but don't expect us to do a wholesome load, we still have a long way to upgrade our capacity to your level.

    Yes, we want to be successful in the future, but please don't force us to a path that you desire, let us pave our own yellow brick road.

    Yes, we know your stress, and you keep reminding us that we will soon, learn and understand, when we fit on your shoes, but hey, let us experience and live our own lives, teach us when we do wrong, but don't expect us to be perfect. Our imperfections are our medals.

    Yes, we know this won't make any difference, and we don't expect you to understand our generation either, it's like filling a cup full of holes. We don't disrespect you, because what we are now, was all because of you, we want to be someone like you in the future, but let us take our own time, because we're tired.

    ┬ęCharles Yhome.