• czarcasm 21w

    Last one before I go to bed also prayers to everyone in New Orleans y'all stay safe <3
    #sound #silence #pain #sad #feelings #poetry #memories #poem #lost

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    Silence so thick it's loud

    But it depends on how one views silence

    But even those who know what total silence know

    That there is never complete silence

    For you can never silence your mind

    Especially when you're like me

    Who lives in your own head

    You can be surrounded by anyone

    They can be talking

    But all you hear is silence

    Everything completely quiet besides the voice

    The one that won't shut up no matter how many times I ask

    The one that keeps me up every night

    She tells me of futures I can never have

    And whispers of a past I should forget

    But how can you forget what you can't remember

    That too is a silence

    A forced one

    Of memories left best forgotten

    That still poisons the mind

    And troubles me

    So I still look up to the stars

    Who am I

    Why have I been destined


    To this life of mine

    Why is it that I wake up every day

    Hating the very planet I'm on

    Knowing out of everyone on it I'm just a number

    And a small one at that

    So trapped within my own body I hardly even talk

    Seeing through eyes I sometimes feel to not me my possession

    In a place I can never call my own

    For what is a home

    It's not an obsession

    To want a better life

    One will always look for light within a dark place

    But they never said that even the light could be bad

    Days spent still sad

    Not knowing who I truly am