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    Ć O N Ş Ě Q Ů E Ñ C E §

    Young and Arrogant,
    Were the days of my childhood,
    Engrossed with the mysteries this world held, leaping unto decisions I never truly understood,

    Living life, enjoying moments and taking actions without considering "what if?"
    Oh! the choices I made that threw me off a cliff,

    Days when "dont" sounded like "do",
    how karma smirks, with grinning smile to every action I drew,

    Reminiscing over the things I took for granted, the devil-may-care, then I said,
    oh! if only I knew how much I should have cared,

    Now, I'm engraved with rough and deep scars , A gift from my arrogant choices,
    if only I knew every turn has its own return,
    would I still have been mindful of the consequences?

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    Ć O N Ş Ě Q Ů E Ñ C E §