• thatweirdislandgirl 16w

    Cookies and Milk

    The last time that I was restless and could not sleep, I drank a whole bottle of wine and call my ex to reminisce when there was a time when he was all mine to keep.

    But tonight will be different, I am eating cookies and drinking milk to keep the thoughts at bay about the life that we had built. I am pretty sure that wont work though, milk won't help the guilt, the damage is already done, the milk is already spilt.

    Anyway, these cookies are delicious and the milk is quite tasty too, the texture and colour is everything, just as how I had made you my everything.

    I love cookies and milk, they are a good combination, just like how you and I were a match made in heaven...or so I thought, right before we ripped out each others heart.

    Anyway, like I said, I love cookies and milk.