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    //The girl lived in his heart. It echoed post evacuation.

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    I Knew a Man

    Blending their toxins in his blood,
    The words would crumble upon themselves;
    He detonated a million times on the inside,
    But nothing told his countenance;

    He would trip on a tiny gravel,
    Shiver on a mere thunder;
    A bell kept ringing in his ears,
    Of what would seem like shattering hanker;

    His heart had the aspects of an echo,
    When his love changed her residency;
    Uncouth girl!
    Couldn't she show a bit of clemency?

    His smile was but a
    Carving on a rigid stone;
    What better analogy can I give
    Except for a frog's pretentious baritone?
    He would dodge everyone to shell
    Himself up in his self established maze,
    An amazon of simple joys,
    And life,
    Set ablaze!

    Earlier the tears clouded his vision,
    Just as the emotions stormed his arid soul;
    But a sparkling rainbow was soon to be seen
    As the sun was scheduled to come on its daily stroll.