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    Lol This is the First Mirakeean Challenge I've posted in a long time (lol I had to go back and look to remember how I did these��)

    • Ok, so if you didn't know, my Mirakeean Challenges are basically just ideas that other people have suggested to me to post as a challenge.

    • I used to post something, like probs the day b4 posting a scheduled Mirakeean challenge- it was a place purely open to suggesting challenge ideas in the comments. The next day, I would choose one from the suggestion comments and post later as an official challenge. The idea would be credited to the one who came up with it and I would use their username initials along with the usual tags I use for this cyan_rose account.

    ��This is basically that all over again except I didn't post anything about Mirakeean challenges beforehand...
    ��This challenge was suggested by @pragya_a_dreamer *a silent moment of appreciation*

    N O W H E R E

    Write a creative piece including the word, "nowhere"

    ☆��☆Here's the TWIST:

    "Nowhere" is to be used
    as the double meaning of
    "no where" and "now here"



    ~no plagiarism

    ~English only

    ~use ALL of these tags:

    ~Comment below "Mission Accepted" if you decide to participate

    �� Get creative and have fun with it!
    ��Please repost and tag to spread the word #ceesreposts

    ��Reminder: all of my challenges are infinitely open, so you can participate in any of them at any time.

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    By Fellow Mirakeen:
    n o w h e r e Challenge