• _armon 49w

    Underneath my skin
    I felt the heavy night
    that mundane sky,
    akin to my bleak mind
    shattering starts falling silently
    on my shifting skin,
    drawing metaphorical thunders
    approaching winter
    felt heavier
    than those summer blooming flowers
    smiling photographs held
    unreasonable ,
    deep sorrow inside
    fear of losing words,
    faces, sunlight, and stary nights
    was scarier than losing breath

    thoughts of chasing my perfect self
    melted under the fire
    of my defeated mind

    even the tiniest of scars
    came alive;
    with hollow depth

    perhaps, it has an end;
    this night

    just not today, not now,
    not at this very moment.

    // the unreasonable hopeless night //


    #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork

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