• enigma19 208w


    "Many people comes and many goes
    But the one who's gonna stay forever,
    Is a person, whom you call your 'Friend'."

    You are the one whom i believe the most,
    The day starts with you, so do the dark.
    Your more than a brother to me and foremost
    Guess what Bro? We have the same initial mark.

    See, its not even enough to potray you,
    On the paper with a pen.
    No complaints, no demands, not even a few,
    So understand this, we are binded to be true.

    Brother, we are like two souls having same heart,
    Beats separately, but shares the same rhythm.
    Sharing thoughts, feelings as the same hamper
    With all pampers, we are becoming an example.

    Sometimes we have a healthy competitions too,
    About what we have inside and something new.
    But we end it up with a word "Its fine"
    Knowing two men will never end up discussing.

    Bro, as I said before and will always do,
    Its a blessing to have a friend like You.
    No material can value your worth,
    I say you today you are a gem to have.