• djehanepoetry 17w


    If you ever meet two snow-ladies laughing
    And shivering, it’s us, my daughter and me:
    With our noses assuming the appearance of red carrots,
    Our hats are sitting atop frosty heads, and
    Our scarves are surrounding chilly faces…
    Our gloves are covering frigid hands,
    Unable to carry our heavy bags or to get
    Our ID cards out for the bus! Yes, it’s us!
    Despite the endless layers of clothing, we are
    Still frozen to the core: we tremble as we walk
    Or while waiting at the bus stop!
    We are so bundled up that people
    Cannot help noticing. Cold is a mild word;
    Freezing is more like it! We only start melting
    Once we step into our home and steep in
    The comforting warmth we need so much…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2005

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 53