• ray_madhusmita 22w


    We got admitted in a Same college
    in a same batch and tagged ourselves as friends without knowing the difference between
    Collegemate and friend.Friend, it has a separate throne .it always longs to appreciate your virtues without doing latish.They never become blind when they see u r rising.They catch the ladder strongly that u can move safely.Friends are immunity boosters.They add color to your passion.A friend just a sweet serene zephyr touches the core making you more stronger than before,not a burning pungent wood to leave smoke around your path.Friends never compare their height,weight,costume, Profession .They only complement as they are living your dreams. A friend's heart Is full of love and empathy.it doesn't need a hello typing hi...it is away from doing business deal with relations and collegemates they are what?No need to explain or survey.. They should transform their high percentage of enviousness(burning heart)
    towards a clear light.That would be a beautiful manifestation , a new journey towards friendship.