• laraibashraf986 34w

    She was so beautiful by Laraib Ashraf

    I remember she was so beautiful;
    I remember the way the laughed Outrageously;
    She was charming,garrulous and jovial;
    The nature was so kind to her;
    She was blessed, bestowed,with enough to be survived;
    Her endless prattles,and the blushes,when she smiled;
    The spark in her eyes was so Dazzling;
    Suddenly a melancholic wind Has taken away her Charms;
    Her paleness on Face and the eyes red with tear;
    Her immensurable Silence;and pierced soul;
    She forgot to smile;
    She was a queen in her dreams ;
    At the turn of destiny she became a victim;
    Venom is running through her blood;
    With every breath full of groans;
    She didn't say anything..
    Nothing else but a hope for mercy;