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    In our lives we make mistakes,
    it may be to our relatives,
    may be parents, our soulmates or spouses.

    The guilt sometimes go high, that makes us to think,
    it's all done , I am not worthy to receive their love
    and we run away from them.

    Thiss is how most of the beautiful relationships
    breaks without reconciliation.

    Being loyal to whom we love may be difficult,
    Sometimes we may do mistake.
    But if you need them the most
    Leave your mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

    If they forgive you,
    trust me the most beautiful and loyal relationship will be built soon forever.

    With Love
    Jay D Marvin

    @love_whispererr @fairytales_ @_phoenix @sagacious_miss @sumana_chakraborty

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    The guilt that
    I do not deserve their love
    is the root cause for
    the separation of
    some good relationship.