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    High School

    I am Madi. Today is one of the most important days of my life. Thank God I passed my 10th but didn't think I would come back here again for higher secondary.
    I was standing in front of the school office to get my admission. The classes already started. There were students walking around the hall, looking at me like they recognised who I am. Some smiled, I smiled back. Some didn't, I wasted mine.
    "There aren't any seats available on Bio- maths," said my dad coming out of the office.
    "You should go for Computer Science"
    "No fucking way!"
    "Sorry, but I hate cs, I can't even think of sitting in that class"
    "Well, you have to. Or you can change your section afterwards if you don't like it. But u have to since your grades are so good that you didn't get admission elsewhere" He said folding my mark list in his hands. I sighed and took the mark list from him. " I need those, lemme go fill in the application, will be back." And I left.

    I was in front of the fees counter when I saw her.
    "Hey, Madi!!!"
    Yea rose was my batchmate in CBSE till 10th. We were never in the same class but we were pretty close.
    "Wth? Why are you here? You joining?"
    "Ahm, actually not here though, the State syllabus, CS would be."
    "You crazy? Y don't you join here with me? Let's rock on commerce. You know we don't have to study, and you won't be in trouble."
    " dad won't lemme. He wants me to be in the state. Trust me I don't like it any more than you do."
    "Dad? Seriously, you have to choose what you want to become. Not your daddy!"
    "Why and how are you here, Rose?"
    She flashed that weird smile of hers and said: "whatever, I can't believe you are gonna die there."
    "Thanks." I rolled my eyes at her.
    "Here, fill it and bring it here when you join." We were interrupted by the teacher in the office.
    "When can I join? " I asked taking the form from her.
    "Tomorrow, if you want to or Monday"
    "Monday would do". I turned to face rose. " so this is goodbye, I am gonna go get books."
    "This isn't goodbye, this is good luck for you to survive" she mocked. I was blank. Yeah, I needed that good luck.
    Before leaving I turned around to get a good view of my school. The school I spent the last 6 years. The school that holds thousands of memories. Then I turned to see the school I am about to join. Just beside. I don't know what it holds for me. Nothing good I assumed.

    Three days I spent preparing myself go to school, face everyone. I was so nervous and scared. At least Rose is there. She would do. Uhhhhh she's CBSE, for God sake.
    "Help me overcome this shit," I told myself.
    I reached the school, my school, at least for a couple of years. Can't believe I chose Computer Science.
    "Excuse me?" I asked a kid. She would probably my junior. Should I be rude? No no no, it's your first day, don't make yourself go into the principal's office for ragging.
    "Can you show me where 11th B is? "
    "It's over there" she smiled.
    " thanks". I left. My heart was in my hands. I was holding my breath, but my face was calm. Damn, am so good at keeping it cool. My hands were shivering. I grabbed on to my bag so right to keep myself together. And finally. I got in. Boom!
    There was no one in class.