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    at this point of my life, where I am peaceful, contented and happy, I realized many things, and one of them is that as human beings, we have infinite desires...
    if you are poor, you want to be rich, if you are rich, you want to be richer, it's part of human nature to keep wanting,
    so how do you satisfy infinite desires?
    well, you have to satisfy that with infinite love,
    but here's the catch,
    infinite love won't come from human beings because we die, we make mistakes, and we are susceptible to secular problems.

    infinite love doesn't come from money, success and fame either because these also disappears and are fleeting,

    so where do we get infinite love?


    he has the capability to infinitely give and provide.
    no human or object in this world will ever enough to fully satisfy us, but a Creator can satisfy His Creation.

    Yes, we know God,
    but we must let him live inside us,
    and soon enough,
    amazing things happen before your eyes,
    miracles and wonders that shockingly you asks yourself.
    "Lord, how do I deserve these goodness you bring into my life?."

    when God rules in your life
    your perspective and mindset
    changes drastically in the best way you can ever imagine.

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    the healing process
    that eventually leads
    to contentment


    but suddenly yet slowly,

    she looked at the mirror and
    saw those eyes glistening again
    heart's mending
    wings spreading
    smile widening
    fist unclasped
    feet pacing
    chest straight
    hopefully focusing

    because He filled all the voids,
    He provided, and always will be,

    and now,

    she moves forward
    without fear,
    armored with self-love that
    for years she learned
    and embraced.