• czarcasm 20w


    Such a peaceful bliss
    I lean into this
    And many memories that I reminisce
    Such continuity
    I allow it to come through to me
    Embraced and cradled my eyes can see

    Blind I was to the woes of man
    That I'd tell almost everyone to talk to the hand
    Like sifting for gold in a metal pan
    I've fought for the rewards on to which I stand

    Comfort me is the light wind
    It vows to support me to the very end
    From the enemies I can't defend
    A shield from the world I shall reprimand

    The dark tries to take me it won't let me go
    Such wisdom and persistence only God should know
    Some would say it's easy just to go with the flow
    But I'd rather keep my sanity a ship without the tow

    Such liberties in life I've never seen
    I look for a tree of which I can simply lean
    To rest my feet, from comfort I wean
    I look for a play that will be serene
    I once thought that my soul would remain unclean
    Id need more than a cup of dark caffeine

    I walk across the path to the water
    Wishing and praying my courage won't falter
    Or even slightly recklessly alter
    Reminded me of the stories about Gibraltar

    Wandering I stay trapped in my mind
    Freedom something I hope to find
    Like an old clock in need of a wind
    Time passes by and I'm reminded to be kind
    Yet it seems as to other it's something I must remind

    If only I could rest in peace
    But it seems as if my mind will never cease
    I'm looking for the cure, escape, release
    I hope for happiness before I am among the decease