• keepguessing 60w

    qday 78,
    special post for someone special!

    Except your basic details, I don't know anything more about you.

    Your smile? Your eyes? Your attitude? Your appearance?? What??? Hmmm??? It's still fishy that why my mind chose you as my special one!

    I'm bold enough to speak those general stuffs with you . But I fear that , if I open up about how I feel about you , maybe that will be our last day of togetherness with the usual bond .

    Yes! I need you in my life .. I should be seeing you whenever I want ,. I should be able to speak with you without any burdens in heart ., I should make you feel comfortable when you are with me !!

    And LOL ! before all those things, I should never let you know what's happening inside my brain when I see you! .

    Though, the possibilities of falling in love with eachother ., and having you as my future are very less ,. staying as friends like usual can take place without any efforts , so that I can have you always in my sight, way , life too!

    OH MY CRUSH!!!! It's been a year since our last meeting. I miss you!! AND NOW I'M DEDICATING THIS POST TO YOU!! wishing, this would reach you one day ❤️