• pen_and_paper 43w

    Sad but true.

    A man ending
    with getting bludgeoned,
    like gone solitary way
    all his life,

    Population, pollution, power,
    promises, pain, people, p's
    all are poisons,
    it's none of their business,
    his urge to die alone,
    a search for him
    like he never was lost.

    Didn't see
    who pulled the trigger,
    he was shot twice,
    He admitted he was fine,

    the two ways out man,
    a shadow cut in half,
    trip trapped across
    the four corners
    of my room,
    the fluidity, like hole
    in the heart
    dabbed from a knife
    stinkin' more of wounds
    than vegetables,
    like wild beast eaten alive
    by the wild dogs,
    like a monkey,
    chased and trapped
    teared apart in halves
    by chimpanzees,
    like hot molten gold
    poured on skin
    like the nails uncovered
    stripped from fingers.

    Domination, dignity,
    dreams, demons,
    dismay, despair,
    damn damn damn,
    do die,

    Everything dissolves,
    into a
    like death being blind,
    not the law,
    law is foolish
    man made,
    death is natural
    not partial.

    Preachings how it was
    supposed to
    mentally stimulating
    humiliating and challenged
    killed and exchanged

    A man dies
    who stood on the legs
    of pride and glory
    dies bending his knees
    the philosopher is dead,
    It's sad,

    But true.